Testosterone Propionate



PROPYREX solution for injection is a clear, 1ml amber glass ampoule in a cardboard box.

  • Testosterone Propionate is a very important hormone in muscle development. It increases bone density and shows mass structure on the body. It has a high androgenic effect and can achieve very rapid muscle development, strength increase and sexual desire.
  • Testosterone has a faster effect than Enanthate and retains less water than Enanthate. Since it has a short ester, it is removed from the body in a very short time.
  • Testosterone is a natural male hormone produced in the testes (in the ovaries in men) and is necessary for normal growth, development and development of male sex organs and secondary male sex characteristics. It is necessary for body hair, bone and muscle development and stimulates the production of red blood cells. It makes the sound thicker. Products containing testosterone are used to replace testosterone in people who have low or no natural testosterone (a condition called hypogonadism).

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