• Tren-Acet 100mg

    Tren-Acet 100mg

    Tren-Acet 100mg is Easily one of the most potent steroids around. Because it’s a short ester steroid you get the full ester like Testosterone propionate. Trenbolone acetate also has the ability to increase red blood cell count.

  • Tri-Tren 150

    Tri-Tren 150

    Tri Tren 150 is a fat-soluble injectable steroid of anabolic and androgenic nature, also known under the commercial name Tri-Tren 150. Previously, the drug was used in veterinary practice to stimulate weight growth and improve appetite in cattle. It is considered the most powerful drug for increasing the power of an athlete and stimulating muscle growth.

  • Tren-med 200

    Tren-med 200

    Tren-med 200, Trenbolone Enanthate is having the drug ingredient called Trenbolone Enanthate. This Injection also has the advantage of significantly increasing the level of the hormone IGF-1 within muscle tissue.

  • Tren-Hex 100

    Tren-Hex 100

    Tren-Hex 100 is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids. Its substance is Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate. This compound stands out amongst other steroids for its longer release time within the body, its versatility, and its long-term effects on the body.


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