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Nolvadex a drug that contains the molecule Tamoxifen has been approved by the FDA for prevention and treatment of breast cancer also known as a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) which acts as a weak estrogen that competes for the estrogen receptor site. Tamoxifen is also known as an Anti-Estrogen / Estrogen-Blocker since it inhibits the activity of regular estrogens.

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Nolvadex a drug that contains a molecule Tamoxifen has been approved by the FDA for prevention and treatment of breast cancer also know as a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM) which acts as a weak estrogen which competes for the estrogen receptor site. Tamoxifen is also known as an Anti-Estrogen / Estrogen-Blocker since it inhibits the activity of regular estrogens. One of the downfalls of this drug is that even though it aids in the effect of breast cancer it actually acts as an estrogen to blood vessels, the heart and other tissue. Tamoxifen is also the most widely prescribed cancer medication in the world, and has effectively treated my grandmother’s breast cancer.

Tamoxifen just like every other drug has its own list of side effects, so I do not recommend it for use throughout your steroid cycles but rather save this drug for an effective post-cycle-therapy (PCT). Some of the side effects include eye damage, studies have been carried out and reports of cataracts, irreversible damage to the corneal opacities and retina at dosage as low as 20mg per day. I can personally vouch for severe effects to my vision while using Tamoxifen; however they seem to subside a week or two after the discontinuation of this drug.

As much as people might argue this point, Tamoxifen is toxic to the liver and liver cancer is a concern. A scary study carried out clearly states that liver damage occurred in every animal that was administered by this drug. Furthermore of those tested 12 percent of the rats that was given this drug developed highly aggressive cancers. Other concerns with this drug is that of Blood clotting where blood clots are seven times more likely in women who used Tamoxifen others are endometrial cancer, and most surprisingly breast cancer, yes breast cancer. In 1992 a report clearly stated that Tamoxifen not only failed to reduce contra lateral cancers in pre-menopausal women but it actually increased their changes. The reason I am pointing out the dangers of this drug is simply because most steroid sites don’t warn their members about the potential dangers that can arise while on Tamoxifen. I have personally seen people advised doses as high as 80/100mg a day for reversal and treatment of Gynecomastia for 6+ month periods at a time. I have also seen where this drug is being administered by some of our members to their female partners without fully understanding the risks associated with administration of this drug.

Now that we have that out the way let talk about the positive effects this drug has on us steroid users, which is male fertility and its aid in Gynecomastia prevention and treatment. Gynecomastia is glandular proliferation of the component of the breast which is caused by altered androgens and estrogen balance in which the body’s hormones favor is that of estrogen. This is a common side effect while taking highly androgenic aromatizing steroids without using an aromatizing inhibitor. For Gynecomastia it actually protects you at the receptor site level, however not nearly well enough or we would not see the amount of Gynecomastia cases while using Tamoxifen. Yet in early signs of Gynecomastia such as puffy or itchy nipples I find it’s highly effective and extremely important to initially start with Tamoxifen while you wait for drugs like Arimidex and Letrozole to stabilize in the body. I also find these early signs of Gynecomastia seem to rid in just a few days after the administration of Tamoxifen.

I have seen many steroid sites advise Tamoxifen for the reversal of large mammary glands / full blown Gynecomastia however I have yet to see a before and after photo showing it has completely revered and shrunk the users gland, chats with Plastic Surgeons and General Surgeons have also educated me in that there is no drug that is capable of complete Gynecomastia reversal but only surgical treatment, which I would have to agree on. I have tried months of Tamoxifen treatment for reversal of hard glandular Gynecomastia as well as pseudogynecomastia without any success and finally had to resort to surgery. I would strongly recommend opting for the surgery than trying to treat your Gynecomastia for months on end without any success yet increasing your chances of some of the darker side effects of Tamoxifen. As they say prevention is better than cure so I would suggest referring to our section on Arimidex and Letrozole for prevention instead.

For fertility its results are that of increased sperm density and live spermatozoa in which Tamoxifen bounds itself on the cytosolicER (estrogen receptor) in the hypothalamus (a portion of the brain that contains a number of small nuclei) preventing feedback inhibition by estrogens which results in stimulation of GnRH which is an acronym for Gonadotropin-releasing hormone. It does this by raising Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) which is important for spermatogenesis and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) also known as lutropin, which is responsible for the production and release of testosterone and in women it helps regulate the menstrual cycle and egg production (ovulation). The effects of Tamoxifen are only possible when our androgen levels are low enough to stimulate these hormones, so please refer to our Post-Cycle-Therapy section for the correct timing of when your PCT should be carried out. Tamoxifen also works differently in the way HCG Pregnyl or synthetic Ovidrel (Refer to peptide hormone article on hCG) affects Luteinizing Hormone in that hCG mimics LH where Tamoxifen increase the LH response to Luteinizing-Hormone-Release-Hormone (LHRH) which then increases LH itself. Tamoxifen in general is cycled for a desired dose of 20mg for a cycle duration of 30 days following all Anabolic Steroid cycles, regardless of how mild you may believe the shutdown and suppression might be on your hypothalamic-pituitary-testicular (HPTA) axis

Studies carried out on women who use Nolvadex for fertility have reported an increased average of around 35% in conception. Please just a vital note to our female members; do not use an estrogen birth control while you cycle Tamoxifen. As hormonal birth control (the pill) being an estrogen and Tamoxifen (SERM) being an Anti Estrogen would cause them to clash, so a non-hormonal form of birth control like a condom would be favored here. If you are using a “Progesterone” Depo-Shot then there is no reason for concern, however I would not see the reason for using Depo/Provera as you more than likely going to be holding allot of water depending on your bodies chemistry. Another vital point to remember if you are using Tamoxifen for fertility is that your embryo might be at risk if you trying to conceive while on this drug, so it is advised to wait around 2 months after your treatment of Tamoxifen before you try to have kids. Remember Tamoxifen has some other side effects on women, that being changes to their menstrual cycle or even causing you to completely stop your cycle, others have reported, depression, headaches, thinning of the hair, dizziness and hot flashes to name a few. If you a women and would like to use this drug pre-contest I would suggest a dose no higher than 10mg a day for a cycle duration no longer than 2 weeks, 3 weeks pushing it. Please consult with your medical adviser before you stop your birthday control and discuss the risks associated with Tamoxifen.

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